Thermography Clinic Mississauga West Inc. is the operating company of the clinic and the owner of this website. We are using specially configured medical equipment for clinical (medical) breast/body Thermography and TrueRife radiant frequency examinations. Thermography is an adjacent (termed by FDA) and a complimentary imaging technology. Thermography is a unique technology and it cannot replace or be replaced by any other screening procedures. TrueRife Technology is a high level scientific technology. It is being used over 10,000 clinics and private individuals world wide.

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  • Thermography Breast Exam
  • Thermography Upperbody Exam
  • Thermography Lowerbody Exam
  • Thermography Thyroid and Cranial Exam
  • TrueRife RF Assessment Scan
  • TrueRife RF Technology Session 
  • Thermography-TrueRife Package 
  • Women with breast symptoms
  • Women's / Men's health assessment and treatment
  • Children's risk free health assessment and treatment
  • Women before or after breast cancer operation 
  • Elderly people
  • Health prevention 
  • Health treatment monitoring