About us

Thermography Clinic Mississauga West Inc. is the operating company of the clinic and the owner of this website. We are using specially configured medical equipment for clinical (medical) breast/body Thermography and TrueRife radiant frequency examinations. Thermography is an adjacent (termed by FDA) and a complimentary imaging technology. Thermography is a unique technology and it cannot replace or be replaced by any other screening procedures. TrueRife Technology is a high level scientific technology. It is being used over 10,000 clinics and private individuals world wide.


Thermography Clinical Breast Exam will provide you with a different technological perspective and a wider understanding of inflammatory areas in your breast and body. We also provide consultation and general guidance of how to be preventative when the thermal images show some level of risk factors.

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Thermography Clinic Mississauga West Inc. is a health and prevention imaging center. The clinic opened in November 2007. Our Thermography clinic is providing a 100% safe solution for women and man looking for a radiation free breast and body assessment, in the Mississauga, Ontario and Toronto GTA.

Thermography Clinic Mississauga West Inc. operates independently as a business, under strict rules and guidelines. All members of Thermography Clinic imaging staff are trained, tested and certified in Clinical Thermography and the TrueRife radient frequency technology. 

Thermography technicians are responsible for collecting records and information from the patients, as well as taking thermography images, conducting TrueRife scans and provide consultation and advise.

The Thermography exam files are sent through secure internet connections digitally for evaluation to a certified reporting doctors, whom are certified in the field of Clinical Thermology. All thermography risk evaluation reports are assessed and prepared by doctors (ND, HD, DC, MD).

Thermography Clinic Mississauga West Inc. has the main office in Mississauga but we are also providing mobile clinics to healthcare professionals in the GTA.