No Radiation and 100% Safe Breast Exam Alternative

Clinical Breast Thermography exam is as safe as getting your photograph taken. There is no ionizing radiation exposure or anything invasive about the test. It is absolutely a 100% safe and painless procedure. It requires no body contact so it is not uncomfortable, embarrassing or painful.

The Thermography infrared camera simply measures temperatures emitting from your body. It takes 72,000 temperature readings which that interpreted by the computer to simulate a photolie images. That image can be analyse later by a certified Thermalogist.

How is Breast Thermography different from a Mammogram?

There is no radiation or compression. Thermography looks for temperature changes, which occur as a growing cancer alters the blood supply of the breast. The temperature difference measured between healthy and unhealthy tissues in both breasts. We image the whole upper body, from the chin down to the pelvic area.

Can I use Breast Thermography as an alternative to Mammography?

Thermography is a method for testing for the risk of breast abnormalities and it is an adjacent technology to mammography. It is not a replacement for it. It should precede it, since Thermography is the best method for a preventative and proactive pre-screening. If Thermography should indicates high risks for cancer, a follow up testing with other detection methods may be recommended.