Thermography Clinical Breast Exams

Thermography is a preventative tool in the fight against benign and abnormal breast diseases. It is able to evaluate the formation of blood vessels that may support abnormal breast tissue growth, long before tumors develop.

Clinical Breast Thermography imaging will increase your chances for a higher accuracy of assessing early breast problems.

The first test will give you a baseline reading and will tell you where you are at this time, concerning your breast health. The next follow up exam is almost more important that the first baseline reading, since that exam will indicate which direction your health is progressing. With the second follow up exam you will be able to track your health progress very accurately and will be able to see if your treatments are working or whether you need to take alternative actions for better results. Thermography can monitor this for you very safely and reliably.

Why to wait until it is too late, give us a call and find out how we can help you! 

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All Thermologists and Technicians are certified. Thermography is a healthcare service not covered by OHIP. We are a private health clinic.

Thermography Breast Exam is 100% safe and effective for:
- Abnormal Breast Risk Assessment
- Benign Breast Tumors 
- Monitoring Your Breast Treatments
- Fibrocystic Breasts 
- Breast Mastitis

We also do Full Body Thermography. For more information please, visit the Pricing Page.