TrueRife Radiant Technology Scan

TrueRife Radiant Technology Scan can find, and create a list of microbes, specific to your individual body, such as viruses, bacteria, molds and fungus species, as well as micro and macro parasites that may have invaded your body and could be the cause of some of your disease symptoms. This technology is unique in its approach and it is safe and painless. See list of pathogens.



What is Rife Technology

The Rife machine was originally developed by Royal Raymond Rife an American scientist. Since than this radiant frequency technology field had been greatly advanced. Our clinic provides the highest technology presently available to the public in this category.

The background premise of this science based technology is that each disease or illness could be related to a pathogen(s) that had invaded the body. All microbes or parasites have their own unique electro-magnetic frequency, specific only to that organism. In fact, absolutely everything in the universe have its own electromagnetic frequency or vibration.

TrueRife technology can identify these frequencies and produce an impulse of the same frequency that can disable pathogens and diseased cells. Pathogens cells due to their radiant frequency targeting will simply break up and disintegrate in your body, wherever they are hiding.

The Rife machine produces energy waves specific to each pathogen and these waves are not able to vibrate on your human body frequencies. Human cells are vibrating on a much higher frequency levels; therefore the emitted TrueRife frequencies will have absolutely no effect on healthy tissues. When pathogens are destroyed, your immune system can recover and function normally.

This is an alternative technology for those persons who are interested in prevention and alternative health approaches. It is a science based, high level technology. It is safe and painless in the hands of a trained technician. 

Possible side effects

Rife machine frequencies will destroy pathogens within minutes. These pathogens are highly toxic to the body, dead or alive. When pathogens disintegrate they release toxins in the body. Depending how sick the treated person is presently and how well or quickly his/her liver is able to detoxify these poisons, the body may show some minor reactions, such as headaches or skin rashes. These symptoms are healing reactions and will disappear in a day /or few days. The reactions are not due to our technology but to the pathogens that had been killed. The best approach in order to avoid these symptoms to appear is to treat the body with radiant frequencies slowly and for a shorter period of time. The clinic perform the scans for pathogens that may have invaded your body. Following up on these conditions is your own responsibility. We provide a teaching session of the technology and how the healing can take place.

All technicians in our clinic operating the RF devices are certified.

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