Thermography and TrueRife Package

Our clinic's two technologies combined will give you a powerful tool to test, monitor and maintain your health.

Thermography body exam will identify the present state of your health and it will give you a baseline reading of your body's functionality and the level of wellness you have.

We always advise to have a follow up exam to the first baseline scanning to monitor your health progress. You may improve in time due to some treatments that you have received or you have followed a cleansing diet. You could also progress in a downward spiral and without monitoring these trends, you could be in a serious danger.

All inflammations present in the body could possibly be looked at as a precancerous state, since the inflamed cells have no sufficient oxygen levels. Where there is no oxygen, the cells quickly become "sick" and turn their polarity from negative to positive. Consequently, these cells become acidic, creating a perfect breading ground for pathogenic invasion.

ThrueRife radiant technology can make a list of possible invading microbes and parasites which are, most of the time the source of diseases, apart from malnutrition or deficiencies. We will provide a list of your likely pathogens in your body. This scan is comparable to a functional lab stool test but without the bothersome collection of stool samples and it is much faster. 

The Thermo-Rife Package offers a bundled service and cost savings, if you choose to do them together.

Thermo-Rife Package Deal Includes:

  • First Thermography full Body Exams - $150 

The first thermography Exam is done in the clinic and it is followed right after with a consultation and review.You will learn the state of your health and functionality as a baseline to be compared later to the followup thermography test. This test has no written report (only consultations). This thermo-exam only serve as a baseline data for the following TrueRife Scan. 

  • TrueRife Pathogen Scan - $150

The TrueRife Pathogen Scan is done in the clinic and it is followed by a consultation.You will learn what kind of pathogens you maybe harboring. We provide a complete lists of these possible invaders as a reference point for your treatment. The compiled digital file is kept in the office for future reference. A digital copy can be sent to you by e-mail, however no printed, paper version is available.

  • TrueRife Radiant Frequency Demonstration Session - $150

TrueRife Radiant Frequency Demonstration Session is done in the clinic and it is followed by a consultation. We will demonstrate the technology and target the pathogens on your program list. 

  • Final Preventative Health Advise - Free 

Final short consultation or tutorial of how you may keep nutritionally healthy and free of future pathogenic re-infection.

Total Package $450

This package price only applies if you are taking the packaged services together and it can't be changed or parts of it omitted. All session steps are to be taken together in sequence as described above.Total time for the entire session is approximately 3-4 hours.

If you need only individual services (such as a Breast Thermography), please go to Pricing Page or call: 416-569-1766