Clinical Breast and Body Thermography Exams

We provide high quality Clinical Thermography services for all ages and types of woman, man and children. This is a 100% safe and non-intrusive testing method for breast and body abnormalities. We take our time and make sure that you well looked after and comfortable. We are also happy to answer all your questions related to our clinic. 

TrueRife Scan

What if you could take a simple test and find out the underlying symptoms of your illness and pain? Well we have that service with the TrueRife Radiant Frequency Scanning service that we provide in the GTA. Please come and contact us for more information related to this unique technology. It is 100% safe and not intrusive. Everyone can do it. Call now 416-569-1766

All In One Package

We strive to provide you the best service and cost savings we can. We have put together a package that would cover your full body testing and treatment in one session. Click title for more info or go to
Thermography a& TrueRife page.