Excerpt from the video with Dr Hulda Clark

I saw so many diseases -said Dr. Clark. All diseases are due to a combination of some parasite or something that's trying to live on you even if it's a bacterium and that's really a parasite in a sense and a toxin may be a solvent, may be a heavy metal that's facilitating that invader.


Give me an example of a disease and an example of the parasite and the pollutant and how they work together to create that disease?

(Dr Clark)

Well the easiest example that comes to mind is diabetes where you have the pancreatic fluke invading the pancreas and probably the

Islets of Langerhans, which are inside and add to it wood alcohol, methyl alcohol.

Wood alcohol, which pollutes nearly all the processed food that we have on the market in tiny amounts but by the time, you are drinking and eating it all day long with that little bit it adds up and that combination I always see in diabetes. That might not be all there is to it but if you correct those two things you recover from your diabetes.

The 71 year old scientist and grandmother is the author of several books “The cure for all diseases”, “The cure for hiv/aids”, “The cure for all cancers” and “The cure for all advanced cancers”.

Dr.Clark designed the syncro meter to locate and identify toxins, parasites, viruses and bacteria and she created the zapper to kill them.

Solvent causes a growth factor to be made called orthophosphate tyrosine.  It's gold which goes to the pancreas and also causes obesity.

Benzene we find in all AIDS cases and in people with terrible sensitivity to all their foods in the environment - and they are no longer able to detoxify. An acrylic acid comes from plastic. It seeps out of plastic teeth when they aren't hard enough and turns into malonic acid and from there -methyl malonate.

Dr. Clarke said and what she's already talked about is that parasite and pollution is basically causing disease and when we say parasite what we're really talking about is microorganism that could begin with something as small as a virus.

The virus is inside the bacteria, the bacteria is inside the parasite and in fact we've even found that mold is inside the parasite and certain funguses are inside the parasite so the parasite becomes a train if you will carrying all of these other microorganisms into the body. This is not something new and this is not just theory this has all been proven. What's really interesting is how these different microorganisms found their way into the body. Dr. Clark has proven is that the immune system over the last few years has been depressed. It’s been depressed by the over-the-counter medications being taken too often.

Hydrochloric acid in the stomach has been specifically given to us as a gift and that gift is to kill microorganisms including Salmonella, which we could get from Miss handling butter and dairy products. Shigella is a bacterium, e-coli that we have heard about outbreaks from people not properly washing after they go to the bathroom.

if we don't have stomach acid that could kill these harmful bacteria then these things will crawl through the body and take over the biological terrain at will .When we use alka-seltzer because we are suffering from acid and indigestion and we are eating food that we cannot properly digest, we are deficient indigestive enzymes.

With overcook food we kill the enzymes and when we kill the enzymes we ask our stomach acid to do the job for us. Over processing our food we've reduced our stomach acid to a level now that she's found with certain patients, like cancer patients who have no stomach acid at all.

Hydrochloric acid is our first level of defense, which is now missing. The second level of Defense, which seems to be more frightening, is that once the parasites are inside the body the liver has been given the capability as a second shot to kill these microorganisms. When the liver accumulates toxin, which she is identified as mold which we find on many fruits especially grapes and apples and pears and it's the brown spot that we see in the fruit then what we see is the liver gets chronically weak.

Mold has actually allowed certain other chemicals to weaken the liver. There are people that do not drink alcohol still have alcohol in their body. You are eating a tremendous amount of rotten fruit, which you may not know because your banana just had a brown spot, you ate an apple, or your pear had a brown spot and you might not have even seen it. You ate your actual mold and your fungus once that's in the liver it loves a dark cold place and 98.6 degrees is fairly cold for mold it'll grow like in a petri dish

Once it is in your liver, it starts to grow and alcohol becomes a by-product we now have a depressed immune system. Parasites can now take over your biological terrain and what we used to think and what dr. Clark is now proven is that parasites used to live only in the colon according to many science scientists and researchers what she's now discovered is that these parasites are crawling through the body at will and this is a very frightening thought.

Parasites will lay their eggs and larvae, which are crawling through the body, and then they are seeking out tissues that are extremely nutritious to them like the brain, or the heart, the liver and other body parts.

Once these body parts are invaded by parasites, other diseases will follow as you've pointed out and dr.Clarke found that the one real dangerous parasite is the fatty elapses bosky. What’s most interesting about the fascial abscess which is a fairly large parasite and it's actually hosted in the snail.

she then took the snail and she found a specific chemical toxin in the snail called ortho phosphotyrosine every time she found the presence of ortho phosphotyrosine she found the fast few lapses bullski in the snail or its larva egg stages.

Snail is carrying the the parasite in all of its stages inside of its body. The cow than eats the snail or its stages off the grass and then the fatty lapses is now in the cow and when we drink the milk or we eat the beef or the pig or the Sheep we're actually eating the parasite in any of its stages.

when you start spraying your lawn with sheep manure or cow manure or you start using these types of manures in organic Gardens you now have a second problem you're actually putting animal feces on your food and we're eating it because there's no way to properly wash all of our food.

We depend on our stomach acid to kill this parasite but now with the addition of isopropyl alcohol which dr. Clark has proven can accumulate in the liver.  if the aflatoxin in the mold is there the fascial abscess is now able to hatch in the liver and then run through the body at will and seek out a tumor site and at that point it will have a metabolic byproducts that she's found to be ortho phosphotyrosine and when that's present 100% of the time with her experiments she's found the malignancy of cancer also to be present.

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