Results With Frequency Instruments - Medical Trial Paper

These witnesses testified to their own experience that the Rife Frequency Instrument had cured them of various sicknesses. This paper was compiled by John Crane and John Marsh for use in their 1961 Trial. Copyright 

 (1). Gertrude M. Couche: that it promptly relieved pain, headache and nervousness accompanying menstruation during onset of menopause, also relieved colitis and painful stiffness of back and neck, all of which M. D. doctors at Navy Hospital had not been able to help.

(2). Lloyd A. Edwards: that a tumor growth on his spine, which had grown to the size of an egg in 17 years, has practically disappeared after several treatments with the instrument; that fever blisters, which formerly took 1 to 2 weeks to heal, healed in 1 to 3 days after treatment with the instrument; that colds, which formerly lasted at least a week, cleared up in a couple of days or less when the Frequency Instrument was used.

(3). Margaret Ann Edwards: Painful sinus congestion and drainage cleared up in an hour after use of instrument; daughter's chronic sore throat, which formerly lasted 10 days to 2 weeks on each attack, even with medication, cleared up overnight when Frequency Instrument was used; that children's fever blisters, formerly lasting 1 week or more, cleared up within 12 hours after use of instrument; that painful breaking out of hands, which daughter had all her life, attacks formerly lasting 2 to 3 months even with medication, cleared up in as little as 2 days after use of instrument; that daughter's very painful chronic ear-aches, which formerly required 3 months of doctor's treatments 3 or 4 times per week, promptly cleared up after use of Frequency Instrument.

(4). Clinton L. Hartwell: under treatment by M. D.'s without relief, August 1959 to April 1960, for recurring boils -lanced and on shots, etc.; pain stopped within 30 minutes after first treatment with Frequency Instrument, and boils no longer recurred while he used instrument frequently (though 2 boils recurred in a 2 week interruption of use of Instrument - then cleared after use); that a growth he had had on his chest as long as he could remember, dried up and fell off after 3 treatments with the Instrument; that sore throat was eliminated within 3 to 4 hours after treatment with the Instrument, 80 to 85% of the time.

(5). Marjorie Wayne: had injured left knee - very painful for 4 years; treatment by M. D. doctors and massage gave no relief (She was a Physio-Therapist); Frequency Instrument relief of Electron Therapy stopped pain with one treatment, and after 6 treatments - no recurrence of any pain or trouble during past 11 months; that she had a bladder infection and irritation which was also cured by the Instrument.

(6). Ira Headley: had a lump (tumor) on side of throat which had grown to the size of half a hen egg in 2-1/2 months; but after one treatment with Frequency Instrument, began to shrink, has disappeared. Ira's father had the same condition previously and died of cancer of the throat.

(7). James F. Martini: had crushed finger; despite treatment by 2 M. D. doctors December through February, end of finger continued to die and slough off, with great pain; after 2 treatments with Frequency Instrument, pain stopped within two days, and finger quickly healed.

(8). Vina Montgomery: had severe pain in side periodically over the last 20 years, brought on every time she stooped over or stood in a certain position; treatment by 5 M. D. doctors gave no cure, and pain recurred at 2 week to 2 month intervals; after using Frequency Instrument 6 to 7 times, no pain thereafter in past 1-1/2 years.

(9). Rev. Edmund Martin Mueller: had pains in wrist and shoulder for 2 years; pain ceased after using Frequency Instrument 3 times; sinus chronic infection for 50 years, had to use nose drops over 30 years to keep head clear, but since using Frequency Instrument condition relieved and cleared up in last year; had bleeding hemorrhoids and prostate trouble since 1947, with very serious pain, but completely cured after use ofFrequency Instrument; had swollen gland under chin, very painful for many years, but swelling and pain disappeared after using Frequency Instrument; had small tumor growth in eyebrow many years, painful even under light pressure, but after use of FrequencyInstrument, it opened, drained, and disappeared after a few weeks; his colds were cured within 20 to 30 minutes and his flu cured within 24 hours by use of Frequency Instrument. These conditions were treated by M.D doctors without any improvement. (Supt. of 200 bed Hospital in Mason City, Iowa ).

(10). Lief B. Nerheim: had bursitis very bad in right shoulder, very painful; received no relief from diathermy and osteopathic treatments; cleared up after 2 or 3 treatments with Rife Frequency Instrument.

(11). Roy Saltzman: had serious back injury from hand grenade explosion in 1942, left weak sacro-iliac joint which easily slipped out of place, often causing severe pain and muscle spasms, sometimes almost paralyzed below the waist; 3 M.D. doctors, a Chiropractor, and the Veteran’s Hospitals couldn’t cure or relieve it; after 6 treatments with Frequency Instrument 1-1/2 years ago has had no further trouble with back or muscle spasms; his son had asthma so severe that M.D. had to be called in the middle of the night about once per month, but after 6 treatments with the Frequency Instrument, his son has had no recurrence of asthma in over a year; Frequency Instrument also cured ringworm infection on the back of his large cat.

(12). Ohmer W. Sensenbaugh: had contracted an itch in his ears in overseas service, U. S. Navy, but no recurrence since Frequency Instrument treatment over 2 years ago; had sinus infection of long duration, with mild headaches all the time, - cleared up by use of Frequency Instrument, which also promptly stops any recurrence; had very painful wrist that was badly sprained; all pain stopped by Frequency Instrument and condition cleared up; (also cleared up scarlet fever on his Navy Record - ordered stricken by Court); his daughter's bad sinus infection not cleared up by treatment by M.D. doctors, and attacks lasted a long time, but Frequency Instrument has cleared it up in 3 days time, at least four different times.

(13). Barbara Sensenbaugh: had varicose veins on legs, much enlarged and very sore, but all soreness gone after 3 treatments with Frequency Instrument, and swelling of veins largely gone after 8 treatments (no operation needed); her new baby had a Staphylococcus infection from Navy Hospital, white pustules on its skin - a girl friends baby had same infection; both were given medication: Barbara used the Frequency Instrument which cleared up the infection right away while her girl friend used the medication which left “pock marks” all over the baby; Barbara's other child had much trouble with adenoids and sinus infection and every cold would bring in a greenish discharge from its nose for 3 to 4 weeks, but it stops within 3 days after using Frequency Instrument.

(14). Noel Tweed: had loss of hearing in left ear brought on by very annoying "Ringing in Ear" since 1947; treatments by 4 M.D. doctors, including a famous and M. D. ear specialist, gave no relief or hope of relief; ringing completely and permanently stopped by treatment with Frequency Instrument; he had "terrific attacks of hay fever" caused by allergy to wood dust (he is Planning- -Mill proprietor), treatment by M.D.'s gave no relief, but the hay fever is now completely controlled by use of the Frequency Instrument; he had a large wart on his thumb for many years which was, annoying but it disappeared after 3 treatments with the Frequency Instrument.

(15). Lallas Bateson: had severe abdominal pains (abscess in colon) with pain from the: waist to thighs; cleared up after 4 treatments and yellow skin color and brown spots on face cleared up with Frequency Instrument use. Face discoloration had bothered her from 10 to 12 years - cleared up in 3 months; had severe menstrual cramps for 25 years and excessive flowing of blood - after treatment with Frequency Instrument had a normal period with no excessive flow or cramps at all; had sore and itching on side of left leg for two years but after treatment with Frequency Instrument - no recurrence or trouble for past 2 years; had colds, “flu" and sore throat often for years which last 4 days to a week but Frequency Instrument clears up the conditions in 15 minutes; her daughter had "Ringing of the Ears” which was cleared up in two Frequency Instrument treatments; her daughter had colds and flu which lasted 3 to 5 days but cleared up in hours with Frequency Instrument use; her daughter had a fever of 104 degrees but after a treatment with Frequency Instrument it started to subside and the child was back to normal in 2 hours; Lallas had a toothache for several years after dentist removed a nerve but pain was never relieved until Frequency Instrument was used 4 times which cleared up the pain; her sister had a growth between her toes which pained her to walk for many years but afte treatment with Frequency Instrument – condition was relieved.

(16). Dr. Leslie R. Drown, D. C.: Had an abscessed tooth with pain; after Frequency Instrument treatment pain was gone in 15 minutes; had intestinal flu with aching and pain fof two days, after treatment with Frequency Instrument, disease relieved in 20 minutes; his son had a cold which cleared up within hours after Frequency Instrument use; a woman patient had arthritis so bad she couldn't move her hand. After 15 minutes use of the Frequency Instrument she was able to move her hand and move it without any pain, which she hadn’t been able to do for 6 months before that, and later on she had a heart attack where the Frequency Instrument was used and the heart attack immediately cleared up and she has had no treatments for it since and that was another well person; another man patient came in with a bad backache and with 3 treatments of the Frequency Instrument he was relieved of pain and out healthy again. It was Dr. Drown’s statement that pain is eliminated by use of the Frequency Instrument immediately, that he found it superior to the Ultra-Sonic Instrument Dr. P. Shea, M.D. uses and that its cost was about 2/3 Iess from the $650.00 of the Ultra-Sonic used by Shea. Dr. Drown stated that his patients get quicker results with the Frequency Instrument. About the only way you can tell you get quicker results is a patient doesn't come back and you see him 6 months or a year later and say. “How are you? “ “Oh. I am fine, I haven't had any treatments or anything since I saw you last.” “Well, why didn't you tell me?” -- He just doesn't know, they forget when they get over their illness, they forget it and it never lasts over three or four treatments. . .” End quote. Dr. Drown's practice is at 5251 Laroda in Eagle Rock off Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.

(17). Hilda Marsh: See Rep. Tr. page 1802 where Court refused to allow Mrs. Marsh to say she had been cured of cancer over 6 years ago, at time of testimony, which was diagnosed by several M.D.'s and given up by them but where cure was effected with Frequency Instrument; that she has had cramps during menstruation and where Frequency Instrument is used she has no cramps; that she had flu and colds which lasted 3 to 5 days and longer but with Frequency Instrument treatment, disease clears up overnight; that she had blacking out spells, nervousness, and being constantly upset, where she would fall on the floor which caused lumps to form on her head most of the time but after use of Frequency Instrument - no recurrence has happened of these troubles; that her daughter had mumps and fever which promptly relieved the swelling and her child was able to go back to school after the swelling went down; that Hilda had dizziness and pain in her female organs which was eliminated by use of the Frequency Instrument.

(18). Benjamin Thomas Cullen (Rev.): that he treated a growth on his wife’s back, possibly skin cancer with infection, which dried up and went away with the Frequency Instrument, and knows of hundreds of other cases cured with the Rife Frequency Instruments.

(19). Hazel F. Cullen: had a tumor growth on her back which fell off after treatments with the Frequency Instrument. Treatments lasted for about three months.

(20). Maxine Fuller: that a cold was treated with the Frequency Instrument which cleared it up overnight.

(21). William E. McFadden: who came to testify about a cancer case that was cleaned up with the frequency instrument. A letter was published in the Navy News Magazine; Vol. 28; No.4, March 1960 at page 11 - quote: “S. D. Researchers Make Inroads On Cancer Cure. The Rife Virus Microscope Institute of San Diego, have had great success in the treatment of cancer. The letter below is a testimonial of the results ofa recent success. January 23, 1960, Box 306, Hope, Idaho. To: Rife Virus Microscope Institute, 4246 Pepper Dr., San Diego 5, California. Dear Sir: I want to tell you about my wife's case history. Mrs. Helen McFadden (my wife) became ill in July of 1958. She was 60 years old then. She went to the doctor in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, who found nothing wrong. She became worse and in October, 1958, I took her to the Mason Clinic in Seattle, where Dr. Pearson, M. D., diagnosed her case as acute pancrinitis and suggested surgery which was performed. The pancreas was found to be in poor condition with no malignancy. She came home in November feeling some better but got worse in Dec. In February, 1959, I took her back to Seattle and Dr. Pearson, M.D. suggested another operation which was performed by Joel Baker, M.D. who did the first one noted above. She was in the hospital for 4 weeks and cancer was found to be in the pancreas and both doctors claimed nothing could be done any further for my wife. Diabetes also developed after the first operation. In September, 1959, we went again from Bonners Ferry, Idaho, to Seattle, Wash. to Dr. Pearson, who gave her an alcohol block to try and stop her pain. She had turned yellow in color before we arrived there in Seattle. Dr. Pearson, M.D., said it was just a matter of 30 to 90 days that she would die. Then we came to San Diego and received treatments with the Frequency Instrument. We arrived September 26, 1959 for her first treatments which have continued to the present time of January 23, 1960. Last Thursday I took her to Dr. Carlson, M.D., Ontario, Calif. Dr. Carlson stated after diagnosing her case from laboratory tests that he could find no tumor. Her cancer had gone away. When I brought her to San Diego, she weighed 86 pounds and today she weighed 93 1/2 lbs., and is steadily gaining every week. She is 5 feet 8 inches’ tall. The two doctors in Seattle were considered to be outstanding medical men. I was told by other people that the Rife method of treating cancer was a quack method. But since I have personally observed the results on my wife, I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for the elimination OF DIABETES AND CANCER frommy wife's painful condition. Sincerely yours, W. E. McFadden.

(22). Shirley Russell: had sinus and headaches so bad she could hardly breathe, went to two Osteopaths who failed to help condition for years; after 14 treatments all troubles cleared up with use of Frequency Instrument.

(23). Betty Maxine Nerheim: had fungus growth on her hands which was cleaned up by Frequency Instrument and also hemorrhoids.

(24). James Edward Hannibal: testified to being cured by Dr. Yale, M.D.with Rife Frequency Instrument for blindness in his left eye, adhesions from an operation that was 55 years old which were very painful over 12 years past, and was treated and cured by Dr.Yale for a bad hemorrhage in the heart, so bad you could hear it hiss, and afterwards regained his strength - one of thousands treated by Dr. Yale with the Frequency Instruments. He never met any of the defendants until a week before he testified - one of many who answered the ad in the Los Angeles Papers, quote: "Patients relieved of any illness with electronic instruments by Doctors Couche, Yale, Hamer, or Milbank Johnson over the past 25 years, please write to John F. Crane... PRESERVE YOUR RIGHT TO RECEIVE TREATMENTS WITH FREQUENCY INSTRUMENTS”

The foregoing cases are just a few that are known by RVMI members. A few cases which were offered in evidence by letter and tape recordings by doctors. Dr.R. P. Stafford, M. D.:treated 52 people with Frequency Instruments tabulated by clinical diagnosis: I) Malignancies - 15 cases A) Carcinoma: 4 Breast, 2 Ovary, 2 Uterus, 1 Prostrate, 1 Lung, 1 Colon, 1 Stomach. B) Sarcoma: 1 Bone, 1 Melanoma. C) Neurological: 1 AstrocytQma of Brain. II.) Infections - 22 Cases: A) Fungus of feet - 6. B) Bacteria: 4 Chest, 4 E. N. T.. 4 Skin, 1 Bladder, C) Virus: 2 Chest, 1 G. I. Tract. III. Inflamatory - 5 Cases: A) Arthritis ,':" 1. Bursitis - I, 1 Scalp, 2 Fibrositis. IV.) Miscellaneous - 4 Cases: A) Poison Ivy - I, 1 Sclerderma, 1 Tinnitis, 1 Allergy (Thorazine), V) Prophylactic - 6 cases.

Quoting now from his letter of January 20, 1961: "The 1st animate object which we treated here in Dayton in 1957 was my 10 1/2 year old dog, Skipper, Skip had always been a very active dog until he began to develop cataracts in 1956. Concurrently, he showed signs of arthritis and became quite weak in his hind quarters. He could no longer jump into the car and sit up on his haunches and beg for food as had been his custom previously. When he ate, his hind quarters showed a marked tremor. He frequently had purulent conjunctivitis. I felt he would not live long - more than another year at the most. I challenged John Marsh at that time to cure my dog with the Rife Machine. John said he would - and he did! - A most remarkable improvement occurred in Skipper even after the 1st Treatment. He was able to sit up and beg. After several more treatments, Skipper was able to jump into the car. The tremor in his hind quarters disappeared. The purulent conjunctivitis cleared and old Skip acted like a young pup again for the next 3 years.” "The 2nd animal experiment was carried out in the spring of 1959 on Chloroleukemic Sprague-Dawley rats. These experiments were conducted at the Miami Valley Hospital, Dayton, Ohio, under the direction of Dr. Robert Zipf, M.D., Director of Research.

(25). Dr. Zipf, assured me, that if I could extend the life span of any of the cancer inoculated rats to 60 days, he would concede that we had favorably influenced the course of their disease. The life span of 50% of the cancer inoculated rats was extended one week while the remaining 50% (approx.) of the cancer inoculated rats lived to 100 days and were sacrificed at that time. This experiment aroused much interest and respect for Dr. Rife's theories among the Research Lab Personnel. 39 of the Cases I treated with the Rife Frequency Instrument are alive and well today.” He has on file many testimonials by his patients that they are certain they were helped by the Rife Frequency Instruments.

(26). Dr. Charles F. Tully, D. D. S.: used the Rife Frequency Instrument where the following cases were cleared up to mention just a few: A lady patient was treated for Butterfly Lupis (Lupis Vulgaris) with red and purple marks all over her face which was sent to me by Dr. R. J. McBride of La Mesa and her own M.D. had treated her in Pasadena for 3 months without results (a Skin Specialist). I treated her with the Frequency Instrument for two weeks and at the end of that time it was entirely gone. Her M.D. doctor was startled when he saw her walk into his office. He could not believe that this had taken place. In my surgery I have used the frequency instrument to replace anti-biotics which eliminates any further infection. Another patient had Trench Mouth with his mouth bleeding a lot with a stench. I treated him with the Frequency Instrument and he did not bleed again; it cleared up completely in two weeks. Another lady had a wound from a gall stone operation which was red and itchy, and disagreeable and gave her quite a bit of trouble. I treated her for 2 weeks with the Frequency Instrument 2 or 3 times a week and at the end of that time she felt quite comfortable. I have treated a number of cancer cases but it is hard to get anybody to believe that anyone can do anything for cancer. This lady's ear was about 2/3rds gone and a part of her face was eaten away with the cancer. It was treated with the Frequency Instrument for 3 weeks and it dried up and healed over. A number of pyorrhea (p. alveolaris) cases have all been cleaned up with the Frequency Instruments thus eliminating the necessity of pulling their teeth. “In our home we use the Frequency Instrument as a cure- all for everything. I, myself, am susceptible to colds. When I find a cold getting the best of me, I use the Frequency Instrument in the A. M. again at noon, and again in the evening. The next morning I find that the cold is all gone. 3 cases have been cleared up of butterfly lupus.

(27). Dr. Adolfo Torres Lara, M. D. Cancer Specialist, in Mexico: Has cured many cancer cases with the Rife Frequency Instrument. His story was published in "El Heraldo” Newspaper, Tijuana, January 5, 1958, “He has the addresses of persons in good health and many of them live in Tijuana now. Many doctors know of these cases because they saw the results when he was working in the Hospital of Miguel Alemain. The doctors are just a bunch of quacks who will operate for dollars. . .” See also, “The Actual ,Treatment of Cancer: A Formal Deception" published by “EI Heraldo" January 12, 1958, No. 4892,

page A-4. “Operations merely kill the patients and give no pain relief".

(28). Dr. James B. Couche, M. D.: of San Diego used Electron Therapy with Rife's Frequency Instruments for 22 years curing hopeless cases where his taped evidence was blocked as a COVER UP by the Court. A few cases are listed which were cleared up by the Frequency Instruments: 14 cancer and T. B. cases at the Clinic in 1934 - one case "was that ofa man who staggered onto a table, just on the vast end of cancer; he was a bag of bones. As he lay on the table, Dr. Rife and Dr. Johnson, M.D. said, “Just feel that man's stomach” I put my hand on the cavity where his stomach was underneath and it was just a cavity almost because he was so thin, his backbone and belly were just about touching each other. And I put my hand on his stomach which was just one solid hard mass, just about what I could cover with my hand, somewhat like the shape of a heart. It was absolutely SOLID! And I thought to myself, well nothing can be done for that. However they gave him a course of treatments over 6 to 8 weeks and to my astonishment - he completely recovered. "Another patient, a girl of 19 had been operated on by another doctor who had stripped out her hard glands in the stomach area and closed her up.” In the course of some months afterward she had developed other glands in the stomach and the other doctor had decided to take those out too. So he opened her from the naval to the base of the sternum and that was five months before I saw her. She was wrapped in a large pad of absorbent cotton as the wound had not healed. Tuberculosis wounds are very hard to heal and the cotton absorbed the pus that was constantly flowing. He sent her to me. I placed her on my operating table and upon exposing the abdomen found a lump about the size of a hen's egg on the side of her abdomen which was terribly sore. I treated her for 15 minutes on Wednesday and she came back the following Monday morning on her toes. “Well”, she said, “You can punch me anywhere you like in my side”. What do you mean? I said. “All that soreness is gone and - Oh, I haven't had a period for over 3 months” she said, “but 2 days after the treatment it came on and it’s the first time without any pain.” She was 93 lbs. when she came to me and 123 lbs. after 3 months treatments and that she never missed another period and her other doctor told me that in a few years later she weighed 145 lbs. and has never looked back. That was a startling case because I practically instantly cured her tuberculosis and it was a most outstanding condition.

Another case was a mouth condition, Cancrum Oris (gangrenous stomatitis). It had eaten out his front lip 3/4‘s of an inch in extent so that his teeth were visible clear through and his mouth was raw and stinky. Every doctor coming to the County Hospital had tried to help but had failed. Everything had to be done for him. I treated him for

18 days and he was healed and well with the Frequency Instrument. My brother came from England and he had had a sinus infection for 30 years. I treated him for 5 weeks and the sinus healed and it cleared up. He had 3 operations which hadn't helped him one bit. The Frequency Instrument was the answer.

Another cancer case was cured with the Frequency Instrument in San Diego - a Mrs. James Russell Jones who had been operated on by 5 M. D. 's with resulting removal of one breast and with 180 cc drainage which was cured by the Frequency Instrument.

I could also cure Arthritis and Tuberculosis in other parts of the body. I had 4 cases in my records of persons losing one kidney and having germs in the other kidney which is eventually fatal. One woman was there in the County Hospital at least 10 years before I cured her with the Frequency Instrument. I had a 9 year old boy who had osteomyelitis of the leg where he was treated at Mercy Hospital by doctors who used to scrape the bone, every week. It was agonizing to the child and the terror of that boy was awful. I treated him with his splints on and in less than two weeks the wound was completely healed and he took off his splints and threw them away and has never had any come back of his tuberculosis. I never treated a sinus that I didn't cure with the Frequency Instruments.

I was very good on growths, also had remarkable results with eyes, especially growths that become very big. I could reduce tumors and also fibroids or neoplasm’s. I also cured several Butterfly Lupus cases. I cured Dr. Hamer, M.D. of his sinus infection who was greatly impressed at Paradise Valley Sanitarium and being a Superintendent he asked for a Frequency Instrument. The Rife instrument was placed in the main room of the Hospital where all the old chronic cases of colitis were treated and all of them were miraculously cured that he had had there for a long time. The doctors became incensed to loose their “meal tickets" and Hamer was forced to leave and again after he set up his own practice in National City where he cured cancer cases and other cases, treating about 40 a day in his clinic where Ben Cullen observed the results for the Beam Ray Corp. My son was also cured of tuberculosis.




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