Giardiasis-small intestine infection


Giardiasis, beaver fever, or giardial infection, is an infection of the digestive system. Some people will develop severe abdominal discomfort and diarrhea, but others have no symptoms. It is caused by parasite, a single-celled organism called Giardia lamblia. Giardiasis occurs all over the world.

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real life liver fluke photo

Liver fluke: Symptoms and treatment

Liver flukes are parasites that can cause disease in humans and some animals. Liver flukes cannot be spread from person to person. Instead, people and animals get infected with liver flukes by eating contaminated fish or drinking contaminated water. People can only become infected by drinking water or eating fish from places where liver flukes live.

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How TrueRife scan works

Understanding How TrueRife Systems Works

TrueRife Instruments put out an EM field along with the frequencies used during Rife Sessions. The following information on what scientist and researchers have discovered as regards EMF effects may be of interest in understanding how TrueRife systems not only target disease but may also be used if properly tuned to "normalize" the bodies systems.

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The Origin Of Rife Machine

The Rife machine is a frequency healing device created by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. Dr. Rife was a great scientist who had the vision of inventing a frequency generator with the potential to heal all kinds of diseases.

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