Thermography Testimonial

Mary Andrioni
Woodbridge, ON
(From Thermography Clinic's webpage)

"Years ago I heard about breast thermography but was reluctant to do it because my doctor did not approve of it. I have fibrocystic breast disease and I’m being screened with mammography every 6 month. I decided to give thermography a try and have never regretted it since. Thermography provides me with an early warning system that I use it to monitor my breast health. There is no radiation or painful compression of my breasts and it gives me information that no other test can. I get my annual exams with thermography now. I do not need to radiate my breasts every 6 months any more and my doctor is fully supportive of thermography now."

TrueRife Testimonials
Nicole Rasinski (from Dr. Conner's Clinic webpage)

"I don't even know where to begin - Words can not say how much Dr. Conners has done for our family. Truly such a blessing and we thank God for this man and the entire staff. Our daughter (4 at the time) was diagnosed with a rare bone disease/25 tumors. Three years ago MD's say no cause/no cure and handed a full page of horrifying stuff that accompanies this disease. I can't put in words how devastating this was, bring me to tears typing it. My husband and I REFUSED to settle for that answer. We searched in/out of country to find the best care for our daughter. We were informed about Dr. Conners and felt that God was directing us to him. I can't even imagine where we would be if we didn't take our daughter's health in our own hands and explore other options. My prayer is that you don't settle either....fight for your health!"