Best Probiotic - No Additives!

Ever tried probiotics?

These days, everyone is jumping on the probiotics bandwagon. “Take this pill, and you’ll have a healthy gut flora. Magic!” While this definitely sounds like a good idea, there’s a HUGE pink elephant in the room here which is...

The BIG Problem with Probiotics

 It’s hard to predict how your gut flora will react to any given supplement. The truth is… we just don’t know.

Take people with SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth), for example. Instead of being sterile as it should, their small intestine is infested with bacteria who happily ferment any food, which happens to pass by -- leaving them bloated, gassy, and with horrible digestive symptoms.

According to health author and gut expert Jordan Reasoner, certain strains of probiotics can actually colonize the small intestine (1), successfully WORSENING your symptoms of SIBO.

So how do you know which probiotic strains are safe and work best?

In my experience, nothing is safer or more effective than this probiotic supplement -- and I’ll tell you why:

It contains one PROVEN strain (L. Plantarum) which is the one recommended by many of the top holistic doctor I know and trust.

This strain has been supercharged through a patented process in order to create the L. Plantarum “OM” super-strain -- making it way more effective.

This probiotics product also has a very powerful proteolytic effect on the body (which means it actually digests dead tissue throughout the body = anti-cancer properties)

L. Plantarum is a transient strain that can be safely taken long-term without potentially screwing up your gut flora

L. Plantarum is incredibly powerful at killing pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and parasites 

And most of all -- there are no side effects to taking more.








Because specific probiotic--when paired with enzymes--is even more potent

They work in synergy to supercharge your body’s innate healing ability

When taken on an empty stomach, enzymes become “systemic”, and start

When you take extra enzymes, you give your liver -- one of your most important detoxifying organs -- the chance to rest and repair, because it’s not focused as much on producing a pool of enzymes to digest your food

Unless you consume a diet mostly comprised of raw foods (I recommend a lot of raw veggies but it’s hard to eat enough!), you probably don’t get enough enzymes. Your enzymatic pool also goes down the older you get

Enzymes have are used in a medical setting in Europe. Czech surgeons reported that oral enzymes speed up healing and relieve pain after a surgery (3)

These enzymes are full spectrum enzymes -- which mean they work at a PH range between 2 and 12, which is critical to maximize digestion

This might be the best supplement deal you’ll ever come across this year. 
I highly encourage you to check it out.