HCL - Stomach Acid

We All Need HCL

Enzymes and probiotics will help greatly, they are essential but if you do not have enough stomach acid, your digestion will not be perfect.

Your Digestion Health Is Incomplete Without HCL

HCL (hydro-chloric-acid) is the missing piece -- which REALLY takes your digestion to the next level.

The following 4 things happen:

You MELT the molecular bonds of protein (a good
... because this makes each gram of protein
easier to digest and convert into amino acids

You activate a digestive powerhouse called “pepsin”
-- which further breaks down your protein and speeds
conversion into metabolism and brain-boosting substances

You kill bad bacteria and parasites in your food, which not only keeps
you safe
-- but helps good probiotic bacteria better multiply

You maximize mineral absorption -- because this acid
assists in ionizing critical minerals, including calcium and magnesium...

This “wonder acid” does so much for your digestive power; you’ll  literally burn through food like a hot knife through butter. No more sluggish digestion, no more gas, no bloating, and definitely no heartburn. Acid is NOT the enemy of digestion. Too little of the right kind of acid is the real problem. And the fix couldn’t be easier.

I found incredible benefit from including this in my daily regimen.


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